Saturday, 18 December 2010

Facial Rigging Including Eyebrows

I followed through the tutorial I found earlier today and must say I really enjoyed rigging. The head model also provided a good base for me to start with and I am sure over the next week I can create a fully functioning face, which is what I aim to do and then maybe create a lip sync animation by January to show the expressions and mouth shapes working in a context. I have learned more about painting weights to clusters, although I did move through it quickly from my past tutorials I have followed.

I had not previously rigged the eyebrows before, and I know this is only basic but I was interested to find you can do it in the same manner with the clusters on the face. Just got to work out how to scrunch them and raise certain sides as I know this will be time consuming to get many different poses.

Rigging Test from Hayley Allen on Vimeo.

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