Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Facial Rigging 2

I have been carrying on with the facial rigging, this time creating the different expressions for the blendshapes.

I used a Nurbs curve and the Wire Tool to influence the shape of Melvin's face as you can see below:

I realised after doing the mouth shapes that Melvin's texture on that file did not include eyebrows, so I had to open the next file on the disc which did have in order to create the rest of the blendshapes as you can see below:

Next stage was the eyes for him, although I think I will move onto using a different rig now to test my skills and see what I have learned from this project so far.

What I have learned so far:
  • Blendshape creation
  • Using Clusters for the eyelids
  • Wire Tool for the mouth shapes
  • Painting Weights

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