Saturday, 13 November 2010

Project Brief Reflections

After reading the brief I have decided to learn something new over the term.


but I think in order to create myself a good set of complimenting skills to take into my career, I am going to learn RIGGING this term, with a particular focus on FACIAL RIGGING and BLEND SHAPES.

I think this will be very challenging in the short amount of time and will push my skills to the limit whilst also practicing my animation. I am aiming for a first in my degree, so hopefully this will help towards that rather than resting on my animation laurels.

Here are some example rigs I found on the internet. It is evident that each rig is not just set up with bones or joints, each part of the body has a controller that is used to move the joints within the body.

They also have locators to influence the angle of joints such as the elbow and knees where there is a bend.
This was also quite interesting for the different stages of a Rig
I also found this overview of a rig which is helpful for looking at the different parts of the rig and what I will need to do:

Overview of rigging
Maya 8.5 Character Rigging by George Maestri
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