Sunday, 21 November 2010

Running and Jumping Reference

As I also want to create run cycles to further my animation skills this term, here are some scans and videos of reference material for the different positions.#

These are from the Animator's Survival Guide:

Obviously the leg positions are different to a walk cycle because they lift off the ground with the momentum, which is also why the body is more forwards as it is more forceful than a walk.

Timing for Animation reference:

And this is not really a walk or run, but I thought it was a nice animation of Pluto, and could be used towards the Marmot character we have in our film. He also seems to go through a whole range of emotions in a short space of time.

These images were taken from the internet for reference.

This is more of a leisurely jog, which may be good for practice but will probably not feature in our chase sequences.

Leg positions for a run cycle. It is similar to a run in that the contact positions are the same with the opposing legs, but evidently the back leg is in a different position as it is off the floor in comparison to a 'normal' walk cycle.

The jumping pictures are here as reference as we were not sure how the Marmot would move and whether he would bounce along like this or run like a person. We have since decided to make him run on two legs, which will definitely be easier to rig and also probably to animate.

It all comes back to the bouncing ball :)

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