Saturday, 13 November 2010

Practice Run Cycles

The tail is going to be really important as overlapping action when the marmot runs, similar to a squirrell. I really think this will sell the character and could be used to his advantage, for example he could use it to propell himself forward.

After our group discussions, it was evident that as the lead animator of the group I needed to practice run cycles as the majority of our film is a chase sequence. I used the rig I gained whilst on work experience at Rare as well as one of the rabbit from creative crash in order to practice a human and two legged animal run. I know the rabbit in particular needs a lot of work with the arms and smoothing out the actions, which is what I am going to focus on this week as well as learning basic body rigging.

(I will also upload the human run cycle at a later date)

I am not going to jump straight into the facial animation as that is my aim for the term, and I think I need a bit of practice with Maya before going head on into it.

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