Saturday, 13 November 2010

Project Brief

Within the BA (Hons) Animation Production pathway, you are asked to initiate, develop and create new content solutions that will challenge in terms of subject matter, form and/or approach and can be linear or non-linear productions and/or for a range of distributions platforms. Although the work is encouraged to break boundaries, the solution must be commercially targeted at a specific audience/channel and practical in terms of time and production resource.

This brief runs along side Unit ANP09306, which requires individuals to fulfill three roles (Artist, Animation and Technical) in which one will be your main role through out the year. Focusing on your main role you are required to carry out an advance level of research and experimentation within your main role. This research should be seen as a personal showreel which can potentially be used as a showreel come the end of your degree. The films you are working on for your final year drive the content of your research. You are to quickly determine your role and identify how your chosen role will fit in to the production from an early stage to begin analysing your skills. You should utilise the time to research and develop your work to help your personal skills and techniques through out the year rather than at specific times. For example, those interested in Animation should not take the view of waiting until all the preproduction, modeling and rigging is completed to start thinking about how a character will behave or act. Whilst the pre-production is on-going through term one, as animators, you will be expected to start picking out shots that require animation and to start researching and practicing some screen tests. You are encouraged to use live action, video reference and pre-rigged characters to start practicing your animation skills.
Technical artists can start looking at all the potential body movements and
Programme BA (Hons) Animation Production
extremes to determine a rig suitable for the animators. You should start considering lighting issues, effects and rigs that could speed up the work flow and further your own skills. Artists are encouraged to experiment with different mediums and techniques for their concept work. Modeling and texturing skills can potentially start early on in pre-production demonstrating experimentation and good evaluation skills. The aim is for you all to have eliminated as many technical or creative problems before you start your scheduled time to work on the film. You are encouraged to document your research in the form of a showreel or digital portfolio, whichever demonstrates your work more effectively. All the work is based on research; therefore the quality of work can vary from finished designs to rough tests. Do not undervalue any experimental tests as each should be a stepping stone towards the final outcome which should be demonstrated in the final submission.

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