Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Four Legged Walk Cycle

One thing I would like to do for my Advanced Skills in animation (as I wish to be an animator upon finishing my degree) is to complete a four legged walk cycle, as I have not done so before and I believe it will be more challenging than two.

I downloaded this rig from the Internet (I believe it was from Creative Crash).

The first thing I noticed from my rigging practice is how complicated the rig looks, with lots of facial controls and many for the body too in a small area.

Playing with the rig I found it is really easy to break the body. I only rotated the dog's head and this happened:

And this happened when I tried rotating the body...

I am going to look more into this tomorrow and see if there is a way around using this rig or if I should download a new one.
Here is good reference for the four legged walk cycle however, and I will use this as a guide for the leg positions for my walk.

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