Thursday, 6 January 2011

Dynamics: Flowing Water

After concentrating on facial blendshapes for a while, I wanted to do something a bit different so went back to Dynamics, where I found this running water tutorial:

Firstly the emitter was placedjust below the shower head:

But the particles were omni n went off in all directions:

They were then set to directional so that the particles fell as so:

In order to make them look more realistic, I added Gravity to effect the particles so they fell in more of an arc rather than in a straight line.

However, the particles still went through the bath, so I selected the particles and the bath and made it so that they collide.

The videos show the effects of the collision, and I have been having a bit of trouble with getting the particles to behave themselves.

I tried changing some of the settings and deleting the second set of particles that appeared, but the first set still goes through the bath a little bit. I do not think this would matter in an environment with a floor for example if this was in a bathroom there would be a plane underneath that would hide it going through. I may do a bit more testing on this tomorrow or over the weekend to see if I can improve it.

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