Sunday, 2 January 2011

Facial Rigging With Curves Research

I have been looking into different types of facial rigging and found this tutorial on Creative Crash in rigging using curves. It looks a really good system because you move the part of the face that you want to move, and use the weighting in the clusters to just move a small area.

On first glance the tutorial did overwhelm me somewhat, and from looking into different forums it seems that beginners are better with the blend shape method I have been practicing. I think I would like to learn this more, although it may be in the future when I know what I am doing properly with rigging.

Furthermore, for my group, I think it will be easier to create handles or blend shapes that they can easily select and are used to animating with so that we get the best work from them for our films. I do not want to spend extra time changing things for my rigs to be more accessible to them.

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