Saturday, 1 January 2011

Learning Maya 5: Character Rigging and Animation Reference

This book was what I used to follow through the body rigging tutorial. Again these are sample pages as there was the whole book I could have scanned.

The first stages were to create the leg skeleton and add the limits to it using IK.

This is where I have gotten stuck as it says to parent the handles to the clusters (or the other way round I am unsure), but when I try to Parent the 2 handle, the whole thing including the back bones and 1 handle come out of the body and are really high above Melvin's head.
I am still unsure what to do :/

The book was really helpful on creating the facial blendshapes however, here are some mouthshapes to use:

Using the Edit Membership tool and Painting Weights:

Finally, using the Wire Tool to create the mouth shapes:

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