Monday, 3 January 2011

Facial Rigging: Blend Shapes

After I while I created the blend shapes to deform the face and make expressions:

I had intially grouped the different heads into their jobs, for example I had the eyebrow movements together, the eyelids, mouth positions and emotions. However, when I made the blendshapes seperately for these groups as in the images below, they would not work on the face I had made at the same time, with one group over-ruling another.

I therefore made them blendshape all at the same time and fortunately they all worked on the base head, although I did not really want to have them all in one line as it is harder to animate with.

I am quite happy with the fact they all worked however, although I think for my final year film I will try and do more than can be seen here for the emotions in particular with the nose scrunching up. I have realised that the open/close and wide/narrow mouth positions can account for an awful lot of the visemes however and will remember this in the future rather than making 'o', 'e' etc.

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