Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Render Tests 003

These show the test when rendered, although for the first one Maya had randomly changed the camera from camera01 to Front view and vice versa, so I had to render it out again to get the movement.

I then simply googled scroll textures and added this to the background:

In After Effects, the head layer was dragged onto the background but it still shows the black as so:

To change this I used the Luma Key effect on the head layer and keyed out the black. This is a rough cut that I did very quickly but you can see the aim of how it would look when finessed.

Here is the finished video:

Snatched Render Test from Hayley Allen on Vimeo.

I have learned an awful lot during this whole process, from the rigging of the head and the blend shapes to the texturing, how the camera moves would look etc.

I do think this style could be really effective and make our film stand out from the rest.

I then used the video of the flame test I tried earlier in the term.

It doesn't look as effective, but I think this is partly because I need to just have the flame without the frey cylinders I put it on, as this would have the Toon Shader applied to it anyway, and also because it takes up far too much of the screen. It will only have a small amount of screen space in our final film not take up the majority of it like here.

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